Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Post of the Day!

If there is one thing that I morbidly hate, it is pretence. Why do people have to pretend? It is annoying when you can figure out right away that there is pretence. But what is worse is when you don't realize the pretence, and then it borders on betrayal.

Take this example: I am asking for more tasks at work, because I am not one of those geniuses who can learn without doing. I need to do to learn. I do read, but for me the real learning comes from doing real work. I know I need to change my learning style in a way that I can learn more by myself and not from real work, but that will not happen tomorrow, and till I get there, I need to do more work and learn. So coming back to my point, people almost laugh at me, and say, "Don't be like this". And then they tell me stories about people who shirk work and go places, and about hard working people not getting anywhere. I am like, I am fine going nowhere really. No, I am not one of those hard working types, and I believe in work-life balance. I am just asking to be engaged with some task rather than have idle time. I can do with 2 hours of idle time really and not a whole day. 2 hours of study will do. I am too old to study 8 hours all by myself. Phew!

It's not like they(the others) don't want more task, or career growth. They may not be forthright, and they might go to a conference room to ask for work, rather than in open like me. That's it! And I have always been more open, always. Sigh! It gets on my nerves. Whatever!!

Another thing among the things that I morbidly hate is unasked advice. Please, please don't give me advice when I don't ask for it. As much as I am open to the fact that a good idea/ life altering thought could come from anywhere, it would rather be a thought than an advice. Really!

I think I should make a list of things that I hate. All this, when I thought that I am someone who cannot really have the feeling of strong hate. Apparently, I do.

I will update the progress on all my Goals: I am updating the blog every day. Studying minimum 45 minutes every day. Not yet sincerely preparing for Certification, am reading random topics of interest. Walk happens as I take kid cycling or to park, and if I am not home late from work. I am climbing stairs. I violated the "watch what you eat" clause twice. Control! Control! So all things well.

Other random update from life: Completed four years of marriage. It was celebrated by much fighting and patching up. So all is well that ends well. Sriram has been selected to give his shot at a scholarship. And is taking up chess and doing well. Sanju is just about managing to go to school, without too much of a fuss. Everyday, I wait for close to 30 minutes outside his school, consoling him for what is to happen next, which is me dropping him off at the school. My MIL accompanies us, and I think Sanju thinks that she waits for him outside till his class is over. But we are managing slightly better now, thank you!

Life goes on, he regular humdrum way it always does.


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