Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So there’s been lots of thoughts brewing in my head and as always, there’s work and the next important thing to be done.. I wrote this a long time back, and it is as relevant as it was that day…

Random thoughts all get into this post. So well, you are warned!

1. Each day I drop Sanju to school. Some days are smooth, but some days are “I don’t want to go to school ” days. But we are managing along. And after I drop him, I wait outside the school gate, till it is closed. Yes I am one of those paranoid parents, who worries if the kid will run out of school unseen, and something might happen to him. Yes, always better safe than sorry. And while waiting so, I see lots of wonderful scenes. I see children coming really late, and the gate is about to close, and they are all rushing. Yet, the child doesn’t forget to wave his parent good-bye. It is sad that eventually he will learn to rush with life and not bother about these little gestures, but till then, it is beautiful to watch. I see children, small themselves, holding the hands of their younger siblings and guiding them. I never know how the time passes between when I drop Sanju and when the gates close. There just is so much to observe.

2. Work wise, I could be doing better. The good things first, as I am the eternal optimist. I making lots more time to be around Sanju. But on the downside, the quality and the quantity of work that I do, is really low. I am having lots of time to do reading of the technical kind. I have completed the SCWCD book , reading a Struts book. I have this whole reading plan: next in line is a book on Spring and then Hibernate. There certainly is a gap in my knowledge and am reading so much more to bridge that gap.
Sometimes, I think back if I could have been better in the previous job, I had more work there, but the pay here is at par with my experience. My pay in the previous job was pathetic. So all I can do now is read up, so I am prepared to look for another job if things don’t improve in the long run. Sigh! Such is the life of an IT person, (I could have said slave, but that would be too much, considering that now, I get paid for doing precious little!!)

3. You know during terrible summer months in Chennai, back in childhood, when there was no A/C, I would open the refrigerator and take a good peep for five minutes. It would be such a refreshing change from the sultry summary days.
Some days, I revisit old cherished up memories, stored up in a special corner of my heart. I could be tired, sad, bored, whatever.. and I would open up my treasure chest of memories and retrieve that one special memory and live that span of time again, and end up feeling so refreshed, very much like taking a peep into the fridge, for some chill air!
One such memory is of coming back to Chennai from Woodbury, around a year back. September 2nd 2010, I was back in Chennai. In the week running up to my trip back home, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get home and see kid and husband. This was just the one thought running through my head.
It didn’t hit me till I landed in Chennai, that I longed to be back home and this is where my home is. I still can’t forget the rush of excitement I felt, as the plane touched down, and in the run up to that, I soaked all the scenes of that familiar place from up above. We got out of the plane and into the airport; I didn’t realize that speaking to a random stranger in my mother tongue would be bliss. For three months prior to that, all I spoke was English. And then it sunk in to me, I am home, Finally!
I couldn’t wait to make a local call to my husband and hear his voice. I couldn’t wait to see him and rush into his arms, like they show in movies. But this is Chennai, mind you, we don’t do those things here, at least not in a public, and certainly, not in front of one’s father in law.
And then we drove home. I was away for just three months, and I have never lived anywhere other than Chennai, and I looked out to eagerly see the familiar roads. I reached home and was so excited about all the gifts that I had carefully picked for everyone, so , the first thing I did was to open the suitcase. And then I realized, shouldn’t I be holding my baby. He was sleeping in the bedroom.
I saw such difference in him, It was so obvious that he was taken good care of, not that I would ever doubt my MIL, but seeing is believing, isn’t it? He woke up and smiled such a brilliant smile on seeing me and asked me, where I had gone all these days.
I still think back to that day, and the feeling of love with my home, and smile every day, cherishing my life here!
Writing about it, I am floating back to those days. Hard to get myself back to present, back to writing a conclusion to my post.

Can’t believe a year has rushed by already…

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