Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On his third day to big school

I just have to share this..
Today Sanju did the sweetest thing ever..

Sanju started school on Monday and has been crying everyday.. and puking too..
Its traumatic every morning to get him ready and drop him in school..
So yesterday he cried yet again when his teacher plonked him in his class… and five minutes of continuous crying later, he puked right in front of my eyes…
I felt very bad and on the verge of tears myself..

My MIL and Iregretted putting him in school.
So yesterday evening, my MIL told Sanju that Amma(that is me) went to office crying because Sanjay cried.. and that he must not cry to go to school..

So today morning, the crying started yet again..
And I became heavy hearted.
Sanju is still crying.. and in between tears, he asks me.. “Amma, naan azhuthaa , nee azhuviyaa?” (If i cry, will you cry?)
And I say yes, and then again, he cries but tells me.. “Amma nee azhaathe Amma” (Mom, dont cry!)

It was so very sweet.. almost tore my heart…

PS: No, as a rule I dont indulge in emotional blackmail


Jeevan said...

This something happens between every child and mother. But so sweet what he says.

monu said...

yes.. the bond between mom and child is special and unique...