Sunday, July 03, 2011

On a Goal setting Sunday

Today is one of those rare days when I have lots of time to spare in my hands. I have done it all today, read the newspaper, English and tamil at that, taken a long afternoon nap, browsed the net, played with kid, spoken on phone and it is not yet 6 PM and I still have time to spare. Yes today is that kind of blessed day, and I want to log it here for eternity, so I can look back on this day on well, heavier days and revel in the fact that I lived in such a day. How is this possible? Well, I finished up all my work yesterday, the Saturday. It gave me a backache, but it also gave me a peaceful Sunday.. and I am not watching TV.. so I have time to spare… Talking about which, watching TV is such a waste of time, if one is not watching nice movies…

Anyways, there was much thinking done for the past 30 minutes of the day, after I ran out of random things to do to while away time, that I decided to set myself timed Goal, apparently, it helps one accomplish the Goal.

That doesn’t mean I could write a 10 Million Dollar ten year post dated Cheque, which Jim Carrey apparently did, and more importantly achieved, if office mail is to be believed, but I can set achievable and meaningful goals at this juncture in my life.

Yes, we are more than halfway through the year, which is why I wouldn’t call them resolutions, and my resolutions are jinxed anyways. So GOALS it will be, and here they are:

1. Today : July 03, 2011. In another 6 months, as of January 03, 2012, I will have completed my SCWCD certification (now that Oracle has bought Sun , it is Oracle Certified.. but anyways) by understanding all the topics and not my memorizing the Dumps. I will have devoted 45 minutes everyday to study other than work. As of Jan 12, I will have set my GOAL for the next certification. Phew!

2. Today I am fat. It’s a sad fact, but one that I know and can correct. In six months, on the same date as mentioned in point 1, I would have lost 4 kgs from my current weight. I will have walked for at least 30 minutes everyday, watch what I eat, and use only stairs till 5 floors for these months.i honestly don’t know my weight. Embarrassing me by mentioning my weight here would be added motivation, but I honestly don’t know my weight. I just know what I look like in clothes I purchased before my marriage. I will go and weigh myself in the nearest pharmacy tomorrow, and set my goal. Phew again!

3. Now that the tough goals are done with, lets move to easier ones, I will write at least one sensible post each day for this blog. If I don’t have anything sensible to write about, I will title the post: “Post Of the Day” to warn you, my dear readers, that what follows will be random junk and well write, random Junk!

4. I will save my appreciations and note down important things I do, in preparation for my appraisal each day.

5. As a long term goal, as of March 2013, I would be employable [I am currently employed, but I mean employable for a better role and pay], and would be looking for better opportunites. As of March 2012, I should have attended at least one interview to judge my market worthiness.

That’s it. No more. No kid related Goals? I don’t need to mention them here.. because I don’t need reminders to make amends when it comes to kid. I do it everyday and it comes easily to me. Yes, I will talk to him about protecting himself from other abusive children (he got bit yet again by a boy in his school), which I am doing now, and about protection from adults soon. Wish me luck, friends!

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