Monday, April 04, 2011

ON CSA Awareness..

I promise to be loving, to never ever lose my patience with my child.
I promise to bring in him lots of self confidence and no fear.
I want to teach you to not to be afraid of adults.
I promise to make an effort to never correct you by admonishung you, by raising my hands, or my voice,
or by scaring you.. you are a small baby, and nothing you do can ever warrant that reaction
I will remind myself, if i was near you as you made a mistake, that it was my fault to let you do the act in the first place.
I cant give you a camera to play with and crib when you break it, right? its my fault.
I promise to guide you with love, so if anything ever happens, you dont have to fear to discuss it with me. I promise to be open and not judgemental..
most of my friends say i am broad minded, i promise to make a effort Baby.

I have never ever strived for perfection in my life, but with you, i just cant make a mistake, not even a single one. I dont ever want to, and i keep trying.

I pormise to never shift my insecurities or my fears onto you. I promise to be your pillar of strength. So when you become an adult , you will learn self confidence.
Nothing i ever preach to you will work, if dont follow it myself. I promise to do all the things i would like to see you do.

I hope for you to have a lovely childhood. I am too optimistic and cheerful to look at every adult as a predator, but baby, deep down i worry so much for you and your safety. I pray that you dont ever have to face abuse, because of the sad fact that it exists and perverts as these exist.

That you are a boy and not a girl, doesnt make me blind to abuse, for i know it can happen to both.
This is when the guilt of the working mother sets in and i wish i would rather be by your side. Sigh!

But i promise to work on empowering you and to be your confidante, to listen to you and to look for signs,
to strive to be more supsecting , to protect you...

I read up on when to talk about good touch and bad touch, i hope i can teach you..

On this CSA Awareness month, I pray for the childhood of all children to be beautiful

I beleive that the worst crime that anyone can do is to childrem, for little children are not equipped to protect themselves.
I request all parents to be more careful, and to teach their children.

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