Monday, March 21, 2011


Inspirational Self Quote of the Day
The Best thing about problems, you are always happy when they are over.

New template: Result of not doing much work at new job. Made up my mind on not doing much work this week, reason being that induction starts from tommorow. So spent some time playing aorund with the template. End result for you to see.. let me know what you think..

Coming Friday happens to be Sanjay's Annual Day. friends of mine, pray for Sanju to do whatever he does, with joy.. I would like him to be the star of the evening, that may not happen, atleast..
If he has fun, i am fine..
I have no idea what the children are going to perform.. we havent been told anything yet, i should check with the school tommorow

You wont beleive this, but i got books for my son from his new big school and his school uniform today. Sigh!! Kid is already starting proper school, my poor little baby!!

Nothing else poignant happening in life to inspire poetry, or rant.. I am cooking full on these days, as my Mother in Law is out of station, so actually, time is a precious commodity, i could do with the sitting and listening that is the induction program from tommorow..More later, when the right mood sets in :)

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