Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Joinee 2

3 and half days and one tyre puncture later, i am all settled here..Oh Man! This should so not happen to anyone. My vehicle back wheel tyre had a puncture.And yesterday evening i realised that as i was about to leave.. this after walking in the basement for 30 minutes trying to locate my bike.. so Not my day... hmmph..
anyway, after usless attempts at trying to find a mechanic, i went home leaving the bike here, entrusting it to the security. As much as process irritates me,i am so glad it exists.. thanks to all that security, my bike was safe here.

so today morning, i went about on my mission to locate a mechanic, after much walking and asking around, i locate one.He was moderately dressed, but i bet you he is richer than me, considering that there were 4 people in queue, to get their wheels fixed, and the fact that he totally fleeced me and must be doing so to all innocent IT types..

So anyway, His Royal Highness decided to attend to me after attending to customer number 1, because i was customer Number 2, and also because i was a Lady, in his words.We go through all the process and the security thing and we walk and walk and reach my bulding.. he seems to know where my bike is parked better than me.. wow!This guy sure knows the place.

And hes quick.. So i got my vehicle fixed. I even test drove it to check, if he had indeed fixed the wheel, considering how fast he was working..

So there ends one adventure.. now i am almost ready for anything..Bring it on....

I am one of the chosen few new joiners who get to meet the global CEO tommorow. We are supposed to ask him a question.. i am trying really hard to come up with something very smart. so not happening!

We have to wear ethnic clothes tommorow. I so feel like a fresher all over again. hmm...

I miss my other office friends, for all the chatter and fun.. i hope to make new friends soom here, so i can start on some chatter..

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