Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Joinee!!

I cant beleive for the life of me that i am doing something new!! And i cant beleive that it would excite me so much!!

Yes i am scared.. i might need to start all over again...from in getting a good name and proving myself as a reliable resource, growing technically and all that... but still am excited, at all the possibilities i have ahead on me.. and it is upto me to turn it any which way right?

i should know in 6 months how things work out.. but so far.. am super excited..

as you all would have guessed, i have changed jobs...and yay to that!! i never ever thought that would happen but it has..

and this place allows another yay to that!

the cubicles are smaller, the coffee sucks!, the lunch is ok and people, i am yet to find out, all the new joinee girls were fun to talk to... that aside, i need to figure out..

it is closer home, and work life balace should be good.. what more could a poor working mom like me ask? i reached here in 20 minutes today morning... i was so happy about it.

it is bigger than my previous org, and its different and same is some ways! I am supposed to be reading documents.. but am so not doing that yet..

friends of mine. pray for me.. pray that things work out fine and i lose my technology stigma and learn a thing or two for the betterment of my career and bank balance... :)

much more to say, but that will all follow.. so please go ahead , add your comments.. i am right here at your service to reply back!! yes, you and you.. go ahead!!


Abishek Goda said...

Congrats. Which co are you working with now?

monu said...

could i mail you the details? :)

Abishek Goda said...

yes, of course. goda dot abishek over gmail, just in case