Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An Update and a Message

So what have I been upto?
- I am settling in well in the new job. Joined the writer’s community, posted some old entries from this blog into that, joined the designing team
- I cooked three course meals for my FIL for two weeks, and realized I just might have the flair for cooking
- Completely kicked away any sort of diet and been gorging..
- Planning to visit sis and Sriram, once Sanju’s play school closes
- Trying very hard on not giving up my motto of learning at least one new thing a day, and this is work related, I tell you

One thing which is very close to my heart is my ability to create. Now I don’t consider myself as one of the most creative people, but what little I manage to do by way of writing is precious to me. I remember as a child , I was very good at drawing, but I didn’t keep at it. I still have a chart full of noddy pictures I drew as fourth standard student. The sad thing is that, today, I cant draw a picture to match what I could draw as an eight year old. Why? Because I didn’t keep at it.

Why do I say this? You don’t have to be good at anything to keep at it. If you are happy doing something, just for love , keep at it..because you will only get better..

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karthik said...

hey where have you joined???
karthik sankaran