Friday, June 18, 2010

To Sanjay, and to you....Yes you!

To Sanjay:
Today Baby, i saw you after such a long time... it has been two weeks almost.
i have your photos and i see it everyday and show it off.. you are a cutie arent you?

I dont have a web cam at my end, and i was happy. For when i saw you, i couldnt speak for a second, i was all teary eyed and jittery voiced. But i hate to cry in front of others. So i didnt and i began to chat with you and found that you are happy.. and my heart smiles...

I buy clothes for you here , Baby. I hug them, imagining you to be wearing them. I smell them searching for your cute baby smell. I see your smiling pictures and smile away..I miss you.. but mostly i am OK.. because i know you are ok. Be good.. mommy loves you so very much Sanju...

To my one faithful reader:
Today a friend of mine is in pain. he has been through a big loss and it pains my heart to even think of it. So please pray to your God, whichever God.. that my friend and his family gets the strength to pass through this tough phase. Thank you!

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