Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am Here..All alone

i am sitting in an alien country. Its 5:30 in the evening. Everyone in office has left. I came in at 6:30 am.And now my manager leaves... My family is not here.. everything is new/ different. Some Cab drivers are rude and none of them give you change. I dont have change.. correct that.. i put in all my dimes together and i have enough change to pay for the trip back home.. i dont have a doesnt matter, i dont know to drive a car anyway.. My work's not done yet... i cant work from home, net at home doesnt work...i am actually quite close to tears, was rather.. blogging makes me feel so much better.. like talking to a friend, a virtual friend as i sit here all alone..

things are so different here than in India.. the cubicles have such high walls, that you cant possibly see the person sitting in the next cubicle. Private yes..but suffocating too.. so not for someone like me, who just cant be without people...

high walls, as in a castle, as if in a jail - depending on your mood.. on your situation

I had a life in India.. i didnt blog.. here i am all alone.. and almost crying.. and i rush to this blog... few more hours and it will be morning in india and i can talk to them... releif...

not so bad actually.. but sometimes, i miss my life back there.. more so when i am stuck with too much work, and i know there will no smiling baby waiting for me at home.....

just notes from a lonely soul!


monu said...

Am monu too !
I live in california.

I don t know if u ll be ok ,if I said anything ...but this I ll say ,
I like these lines .....

If there could be some magic
Which would replace
A really bad memory,
With one so good…

Would wipe my frown
And widen my lips to a smile.
Would lighten the redness of my eyes
And bring it some shine.

Would take off all that temporary cynicism
And bring back my perennial optimism
It would be so good…I think to myself

And then it hits me,
I can write, there’s magic in my pen !!!
wow cool !

monu said...

Thank you for the sweet comment