Friday, June 11, 2010


I am abroad finally..
I am in Woodbury, MN, USA for three months.
Thats three months of bachelorhood.. but also three months of missing baby and husband..
so far i have been doing good except for one bad day, when i sat down and cried.. i missed family so much that i just wanted to get back..
I have begun cooking here , eating veggies and all..
work is going good , so far.. took some time to settle down here.

The journey was fun, what with removing shoes and belt and bangles and watch and all for security check, and having to carry an official laptop, whose password i dont know.. and being asked to login to it at security check.. and after all that, we clear immigraiton and get into this country to find one of our fellow travellers missing..

so we search and search her.. we dont have mobiles, we are just landing remember? and we miss our flight and finally figure out that she has taken her flight and gone..
so we take the next flight and reach Woodbury.. interesting is an understatement..

this place is nice, there is sun for so long till 9 PM.. think of it.. it is summer here and the weather is pleasant and very managabe for a madras person like me..

just learning to get along with the people here, interesting i tell you.. i sat through a whole day of meeting yesterday and observing work action was interesting,..

our apartment is real nice and i like it.. we just got tv and yet to get internet going in our apartment..

lots more to say.. but i gotta do what i have been brought here to do.. that is work.. so catch u all in a bit..

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