Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On What's special today

i didnt intend this to be a personal blog. But it is slowly turning out to be.. my literary and other (which means scribbling) pursuits lay far behind as i rush through life..
Well, today is another momentous day.. no i didnt get my promotion yet, my classmates are project managers and i am still Sr. Software Engineer.. so career is edging slowly to a point where i might
actually be making more progress being a housewife, apart from the fact that i am giving 100% to my job and am onsite now,but am no tech whizkid yet.. haha .. but i am so becoming one in another 2 i am off on a tangent
stealing away from the focus of today's post...

My third Wedding Anniversary!!!

Close to a month of being abroad, the hubby is sorely missed. i spoke to him his time 12 midnight and wished him and hme spoke to me my midnight and wished me. So in a way we celebrated our anniversay
over a span of more than 24 hours.

One baby, in-laws, lots of weigth gain and some weight loss later : iam still in love with this guy.. and i say it without a ounce of shyness.. whats the virtual world for, if not for this..
Yes, i love him ...a lot , actually!

It has been interesting three years, pepperd with 60th year celebrations of my father and father in-law, my seemanthan, Sanju's naming ceremony, his ayush homam...
Its been three years of domestic life, finishing up work, going home, cutting vegetables, washing vessels, taking care of baby[for two years that is]...
Its been three years of marriage, and we are almost close to a point where we dont actually talk much , but i would like to think that
we are at a point where we dont need to talk to understand.. ha ha

Lets say now , i even understand his silence over long distance phone call... hah!! almost romantic...

i made payasam today and shared it with my room mate. No temple to go to here, i could go to a Church.. am seriously considering that option.. The husband went with kid to temple..
but i want to say Thank you to God too..

Thank you for letting me meet this wonderful person.
Thank you for letting our wedding happen...
Thank you for the woonderful times... Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be loved..
Thanks for letting me love too..
Thanks for the Baby..
Thank you for everything..

I am mostly happy with life.. but just today i wish, i was at my home with my son and husband.. but thats ok..i think retail therapy should fix that!!


Jeevan said...

Congrats and wishes for your happy life journey. What u speak reflects understand! :)

monu said...

Thanks Jeevan.. thanks for the comment and thanks for continuing to read my blog!!