Friday, August 14, 2009

Overheard .....

at Health and Glow outlet
Lady 1: so…does that age miracle thing really work
Lady2: (half mockingly) Ofcourse…that man there thought I was my daughter

Me: !!!!!!!!

so i am in a nice mood today and all like i mostly am, unles ofcourse when i have work in but seriously..i live in constant fear of screwing up something real bad at work..i wonder why i have such a bad inferiority complex, when it comes to having confidence on my working might have something to do with the two and a half projects that i screwed up!!!!

but post delivery, like i said before, i am a changed i try real hard to be sincere and serious...seems to be paying a bit as i work to my conscience's satisfaction, if not anything else.

Mandatory update about Sanjay and Sriram:
Snaju is now 16 months old and speaking a few words...quite a cutie i must say [hard not to be when your mom's a cutie herself...ok...i know that anyone who knows me would have laughed hard at that...but in my thinner days...i wasnt so bad , you know...]. he seems to be teething real slow, he has just four and a half teeth..need to ask doc this time when i take him for his vaccination...otherwise, he is doing good

Sriram goes to play school, says slokas, speaks dime a dozen..honestly there isnt much time to catch up with Sriram, as i am a busy mom now..and i do make the most of it when my sis comes visiting my mom....i got him a pair of jeans that he picked quite an induvidual you can say...

to wrap things for the day...enjoy your weekend..and Happy Independence Day!!


Jeevan said...

At every stage of our life we aren’t constant and it makes great difference in our attitude… I try not to be different to my dear ones, tough I can’t be so and I agree I have to be, when I expect it from others.

My good wish to Sriram and Sanjay, keep updating buddy :)

Anonymous said...

When did you change the name of your blog from "monu speaks" to this one?

Anyway, your writing is still refreshing and remarkable as it was then.

Cheers, guess who

Sojourner said...

Hi Monu, long time! to say the least.
Never too late to congratulate a mother though :)... so congrats :) I checked-in once in a while and it is good to see you continuing to scribble.