Thursday, October 29, 2009

On faith, pain and all that..

I am in a nice mood today. Which explains why I am blogging, as opposed to 4 years back, when I blogged when I was sad and couldn’t talk about it to anyone.

Life has changed so much and see these days, I am not shy of my problems, whatever they are, currently not much, Thank you.. And so since am not shy of my problems, I am able to talk about them and I don’t need to hide my problems and worse still hide my pains.

The worst part of not sharing my problems or at least not being open about them was pretending everything was alright, when actually I was at my lowest. I know at least one of you must be reading this, and if not..this is for myself, if I ever return to my “hide your problems” phase..i tell you, totally not worth it.

Those days, I would cry everyday. My eye lids would be swollen. And I would apply thick eye liner so that it doesn’t show, the swollen eyelids that is…how much more easier, If I had just been open that I am upset about something.

So that was long back and thankfully, I have come a long way from that… I have married the person of my choice, in case you were wondering what I was crying about.

The last time I was upset was when my nephew fell ill and that was a good two years back. And I dealt with it positively, by writing “Sri Rama Jayam”, keeping my hope and total faith on God.

I am so glad I am finally back to my optimistic ways. It rained yesterday and the hubby and me were getting drenched and were on way to work. I had smartly chosen a dark color salwar kameez. And did I crib that I was getting all drenched? I began to enjoy getting driven around in the rain.

Yesterday while on way back home, I saw this baby boy, around my son’s age, crying in the railway station. He didn’t have a piece of clothing and was sitting near his sibling and crying. There were two idlies before them. So at least he wont go hungry, but it pained my heart. You see I have a baby just like him at home. And even for a split second, I couldn’t imagine my child in that position…it would tear my heart to conjure up that image….i did what I usually do, I prayed to God. I am no activist… mostly I say a prayer and walk away..

So whats in a prayer you ask? Well, it’s a question of faith. And no I am not deeply religious..i identify all the festivals in my religion by the dish that gets made for that’s me.

But I do believe in God of some sort. Who will listen to my prayer and answer it. So my friend at office was upset about her friend who had met a big accident and a possibility that she may not walk again..fractures in leg and all. And she was upset about it..and I told her what I had mentioned here…I deal with that pain by applying a bit of hope. I keep immense faith in God and plead to my God that my prayers be answered..and guess what I have immense faith that It will be answered. So I told her, have faith and write Sri Rama Jayam..108 times everyday till she is alright and she will be alright.

Guess what, the girl is alright and will hopefully walk in another 2 months. Is this the power of Sri Rama Jayam? Am I asking you to convert to hindusim and write Sri Rama Jayam? Far from that….you see it is the power of on is “the” most powerful thing in the world… Like Paulo Coelho wisely said much before me…

When you want something badly enough, the universe conspires to get you that…

So faith in anything you do, faith that it will make a difference, and doing something..really works..

So all random topics covered, how can I leave out my adorable son? He is one little fears of him not having teeth at all have been laid to rest, he has 8 of them now at 18 months… and more are on the way. He speaks two words together, like say “Phone Thaa”, “Tea tha”, yes my son drinks tea…I am working hard to get him to speak English..i say water and my MIL says “theertham” so he can stay tuned to our customs….Little guy is picking up bits of everything.

Sriram is just the little devil, he always was…lovable little devil at that. As always cuddling upto me, his chithi..

Things are good…how can I forget this?? My husband has completed his part time MBA and had come first..i will be going for the convocation with the entire family… am so looking forward to that…

So all you people, Take care….


Jeevan said...

Of course someone is here to read your post and its so nice to see u writing your thoughts open and profound.

In my life belief is something one must be true and not just lied for oneself, because world believes something. Nice to know about your son, and i wish you all goodness :)

Abishek Goda said...

lakshmi came first in mba - well, who are we kidding here. its worth a mention if he didn't. anyway, convey my congrats..

that pic, above the profile is extremely well shot and uber professional. just noticed!

and in case you teach him english, you might want to try mississippi, massachussettes or checzhoslovakia. I bet i got all three spelt wrong and i don't want to refer the right ones.

the faith part seemed like rehashed from OSO. No, not to question anything there though.

On the whole, nice to see some updates.

monu said...

Thanks Jeevan!! didnt time find to log into blogger, as it is blokced in office...hence the delay in accepting comments

the pic is by urs truly!!! conveyed ur regards to hubby..
faith part totally not related to OSO..i say...anyways ur view

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