Friday, August 14, 2009


If there could be some magic
Which would replace
A really bad memory,
With one so good…

Would wipe my frown
And widen my lips to a smile.
Would lighten the redness of my eyes
And bring it some shine.

Would take off all that temporary cynicism
And bring back my perennial optimism
It would be so good…I think to myself

And then it hits me,
I can write, there’s magic in my pen!

PS: my way to expressing how writing can be such a wonderful healing process....
Long time since i blogged...lets say i have been a combo of busy and lazy..
life's going good as always, swine flu not i was telling my friend, in different times, i would have laughed at all this swine flu scare, but after baby, i am a chnaged woman i say..i now bite my nails and monitor swine flu news and pray to god like carzy to forgive me of all my sins (i havent sinned much, if you leave out almost running over a cyclist today morning...but then he scolded me real bad, so i guess we are even now!!!) Bu Sanju has been doing good, by god's eternal grace...all you people take good care of yourself..lets hope all this subsides real soon...

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