Sunday, June 07, 2009

Random post about my life

So this blog was almost dead...just that i didnt have th heart to let it die..honestly!!
So what happened meanwhile?? I celebrated my 26th birthday...i am old already! Sanjaya turned one year old already, Sriram is 3 yrs old, Sanjay had his mottai, i am managely decently along at work, been a little busy mothering Sanjay, handling everyday...and you may not want to really know it, but i am proud of it and i state it, i am still feeding the little guy and plan to do so till he is two years am i the perfect mom??? Far from it, i let him fall and get hurt and all, not on purpose of course!!

And this blog is 5 yeard old!!!
so that was random update...mundane household duties beckon.......


Jeevan said...

my wishes monu :)

IBH said...

wooow woow woow! didnt know at all! i thought like me you have stopped blogging as well! congatulations :)