Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lessons from life

I am still learning lots in life. Every day as I step out, I know not what is in store. No , my work doesn’t involve any adventure. It is rather mundane, nothing risky or life altering.. yet there’ so much I learn..
So what did I learn today? I learnt that one must stick on dreams regardless of what the world says. There are times when people talk about things which I feel is highly impossible, I almost tell them so. I didn’t realize that I had been quashing dreams..i only thought that I was being practical…that’s how things work and it is going to be very difficult to have it any other way!
But guess what? That is so not true. You don’t need to conform to any rule or any normality and that your dreams can be as outlandish as you want it to be..and you can have people call you weird and say that things may never work out and wonder why you would walk out of a comfort zone that you have so well created for yourself and all that, and yet you hold onto your weird idea…one fine day , it will be true..seriously!
Its nice to prove myself wrong, to see how I can go on conforming to normality and keep quashing my own dreams..somehow this thought refreshed me today, and I make a promise to myself that I will never let another person quash my dreams, no matter how strange, impossible, or much above my level they may be….


Jeevan said...

Dreams always don’t come on our thought, and there is no rule that someone should dream within limits. I hate being within home, safe and comfort, and dreams are they take us away.

It’s nice having a post from u after long time, hope u have ur wonderful life. take care.

monu said...

Thanks Jeevan!
hope you are having fun too..