Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The magical room

I live in a magical room
Where thoughts float around like bubbles
And magically link themselves to form stories

I live in a magical room
Where every emotion gets a little space
Be it sorrow, be it joy

I live in a magical room
Where there’s no stopping me,
Where anything I dream could be true

I live in a magical room,
But I am not all detached from reality
For I think about you too

I would like you to get in,
And see the magic, I worked for you.
But alas magic as it is,
You cannot even see,
The door to my magic room

PS: I am feeling all poetic today. Which means I don’t do work but instead open my diary, get hold of a pen and begin to scribble. I wrote two more which I have contributed to the company e-mag. They insist on stuff they receive not being previously published. They need not worry, I seem to be the only one reading my blog…..

Hello anyone else still reading my blog, please let me know how you interpret my scribble here. I would really like to know what you think this could be about before I reveal what I actually thought while writing it…


Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog. Nice poem. You are true, we live in a magical world.

Anonymous said...

I guess what you're trying to convey here is that, you are content with how your life has unfolded before you, however you wouldn't mind that elusive magical touch which will give you bragging rights to keep saying "Life is a fairytale" forever.

Jeevan said...

So sad, we can only imagine :)
Buzz I am here. Humbly this is my first comment in our blog this year!

monu said...

thank you ppl...feels nice to know that few other ppl are still reading my blog...


well, thanks Anonymous.
Sanjuz, I was trying to talk about a writer's world which i called, magical room. A writer can write and pen many a magic, but of what use woudl it be to a person who doesn't understand it?? thats what i was trying to say..i like ur interpretation how are u??

Jeevan, thanks for visiting and commenting here...