Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!

I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

As always there's lots to say and so little time. My little one has been keeping us all busy for now he crawls ad crawls and doesnt want to sit in a place. He can hold to furniture and push himslef up and stand. He falls a lot though, so someone always has to be behind him.

Work is going good in the sense that I am still on the Job.Got another award recently. Looks like Sanju has brought me good luck. :)

Most important update, post pregnancy, i lost the pregnancy weight to gain it all back in a few monhts, let me give you sample conversation that would best explain my plight:

While Pregnanct:
Random friend in office: You are getting fat.
ME: I am not fat, I am Pregnant!!

After delivery (getting BMI and BP checked in office):
Lady(After seeing my weight): Madam, are you carrying?
ME(Almost laughing and crying together): I am not pregnant, I am fat!!

So there you go!! In my zeal and stress to exclusively breastfeed my baby for the first 5 and half months, i went on an eating binge. I was always worried I should have enough milk for my baby. I managed well , only i got fat.

On the bright side, none of my old clothes fit me , so i have to get myself a whole new wardrobe. Yay!!! My mom's clothes fit me, so now i dont share with my sis, but i get to share with mom.

And the husband still thinks i am cute. Love must indeed be blind!!!
There i was one morning, sleep deprived, wearing nighty, smudged eye-liner appearing like dark circles, dishevelled hair...waiting to close the gate after the husband leaves for office. I am looking at him and thinking, "He is so good looking" , only i dont say it. He gives me one look and tells me, "You look cute"....

Now everything is alright with my world...weight issue or no....i am happy and just fine!!!

Life as a working mother has been interesting. Initially i didnt want to stay in office and wanted to rush home to be with i am learning to deal with it . Anyways, he is given good care by his grandparents..

So life is going good....
I saw Madagascar - 2 and loved it, but i am going to save that for another post!!
Have fun all of you ad enjoy your life!!


Abishek Goda said...

Another award.. kewl congrats. And a very happy new year to you and family.

ajit said...

happy new year to you and your family

monu said...

Abhishek and Ajit
Thank you and wish you the same