Thursday, November 13, 2008

Break that down...

Yesterday i was given an award in the recognition program in office. Not a big deal actually. But if you are a small time developer like me with little expectations, it can be big.

I was all happy and spring-in-my-step and all. I have little expectations from life mostly. That makes me mostly a happy person.

So coming back to the award, the person who had nominated me was telling the group as to why he thought that I should get the award. (Jargon Alert!! Not that I know too many jargons, lets just pretend that I do )He was telling them that he was trying to host an flash application on a content management system and he didnt know how to do it and he didnt find reading meterial on that in any of the forums and all and that I helped him finish the task in 2 hours, quickly.

It is after this little talk that i realised the real reason for me being able to help him finish the task so soon. Well, he looked at it as hosting an appliction. I looked at it as displaying a webpage in another page....
(End Jargon Alert!!)

what am i coming to say, you ask??? Simple, break the big problem into smaller ones and begin by solving the smallest first. Helps, really does!


Abishek Goda said...

First congrats, award/recognition is something irrespective of scope. Secondly, you make it sound very simple. In reality, at least in my reality, i often find the biggest problems often don't break at all or even if they do, they break into so many smaller problems that i begin to wonder if it is all worth it. Take the above sentence, for instance. Maybe you should post a tutorial on breaking down problems?


new to your blog.
happy to be here on a good occasion..
take care

monu said...

Congrats :) ...

am coming back to this blog after 4 years... i still remember getting a comment in my blog with the name "monu". it was in 2005, and i was surprised when i found there was another blogger "monu".

Happy to visit your blog again..happy to see u r blog is still active...and to see that u r married and mother of a beautiful baby girl :).

Truly Time is flying fast... :)

Jeevan said...

simple and superb! Congrats dear :)

Risha said...

Hey Monu , I stopped visiting this space thinking you are gonna be too busy to blog. Gosh floored me gurl :) I am so glad to see you swing back in action work and on this blog. Gurl , you rock!!!! Keep rocking !!!

ajit said...

Congrats for your award :-)
being to your blog for the first time and seeing a happy note :-)

monu said...

they all do, beleive me they do and dont smaller problems seem easier to handle?? or atleast one can change one's view of a problem from big to "well, i should be able to do that??"

thanks and welcome

Ohh i remember, i was glad to find another blogger with my own name!
and my son takes offence, not baby girl, baby boy


Congrats and welcome to my blog!!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Congrats! it's so nice to be here. I enjoyed reading your post. :)

monu said...

Hi Grace,
welcome to my blog