Saturday, November 08, 2008

Breaking Cliches

I am learning to break more cliches which is a nice thing. I am breaking some of the rigidity inside me. Today I was speaking to my former Project Manager, a really nice lady. She just had her baby , her baby must be about 4 months old and she has already joined work. I was wondering why would she do that? Because she has leave. Yes these are uncertain times and people are getting fired. But I was thinking that feeding baby must be top priority, and her husband is earning, so why cant she take a chance and take leave to feed her baby.

I was thinking how some people can compromise things for money and so on and so forth. But today she tells me that her husband has been laid off. And there is only one income and that her husband is searching for a job.

I now get it. She cannot afford the risk of taking leave. What if her job goes too? What will they do with two children?
I empathise with her and really pray hard that her husband gets a job soon. I was so judgemental, I shouldn’t have been. People are different and come in all types from outside and within and just because they are different from me or do things differently from what I may be doing or what I think is right doesn’t make them bad or negative….

And I am learning that..


Abishek Goda said...

Ok, so I am not the only guy concluding things. I can see myself in your place making a very similar judgment. It feels bad when we judge it all wrong, but is the act of judging itself wrong?

monu said...

i really dont know. Whethr right or worng, we wouldnt stop judging right. We ca nmake it a learning experience and not be rigid with our judgements if you ask me

Anonymous said...

super....yes...its me :) are you....
karthik sankaran

monu said...

i am fine. Ah!!! Finally you remembered that I exist!