Saturday, November 08, 2008

Baby, job, lay off and some such

There are a few updates regarding kutti Sanjay. Well, he is almost seven months old and has learnt a few new tricks. He is trying to crawl. And he is saying “mmmmmmmaaa” , almost “Amma” and this is music to my ears and the icing on the cake, he is trying to sit. I feel so proud looking at my son, I scream with joy and pride as he displays every new skill. It is beautiful to watch a child begin to do new things..but now that I am working, I don’t get to see things the first time he does them….i miss that..but at least he is gracious enough to show me a new trick or two once I am back from office.

Talking about Office, things are not looking all that good. There was a lay-off in my company, some say 60-70 people and some say 120 people. People were suddenly called for a meeting and informed that they were being fired, or being let go , like they say in politically correct circles and they were asked to leave immediately. How miserable would that be? One day you are at work and the next day, you don’t know where the next salary is going to come from. I feel sad for them.

What would I do if that happened to me? I would take a break till the kid is a year old and then search a new job, but the very thought is scary. Tough times. I pray to God to give everyone the strength to carry on and find better options and carry on.

Not totally unrelated to the above, I sometimes wonder if I have a career choice other than the one I am currently in. I love writing. I used to write stories when I was in school. Pity I stopped doing and moved to random four lines that I call poetry. Doing something creative gives me a high. Creating stories is one such.

What would I love to write? I would love to write pleasant romances, not the ones where the guy is rich and handsome and the girl is pretty and all such clichés. But like “Jab we met”. That’s one movie I totally fell in love with. The characters were so real. The situations real too. Its not all sweet for the heroine alone, she gets chased by wrong characters, she gets advised by the station master and she retorts.But whats most interesting about the story is the contrast between the two characters, how vivacious she is, how optimistic she is, how much she enjoys the little joys in life and how he is so silent and serious and how they both change completely after time, how they have influenced each other. How She helps him in the beginning and later he helps her ….mand, that’s one movie I would watch a thousand times. I want to able to write a story like that..seriously.

My friend says,I should write my own love story. It is not cutesy like “Jab we met”, though it does have its cute moments. But as time goes by, I am forgetting all the nitty-gritties and the little nothings of my obscure love story. But If I do write I would put in all the clichés and make myself the pretty damsel in distress and my husband , the knight in shining armour. Who wants to be odd man out???

Hah!! I could write a love story inspired by my own and use a pseudonym!!!

But if my writing is going to be as obscure as I have just written , the chances of me making a career out of it is very slim. But who doesn’t dream impossible dreams??

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