Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Updates

I have a big weakness or Is it a gift?? I talk dime a dozen. I listen too…but I talk more, you get the picture. I worry if I am boring. Do any of you worry that way?
It’s just fine between me and the husband because he doesn’t talk much and I talk a lot, so there is a balance. And he loves me, so he wouldn’t find most of what I say boring and I listen a little longer when it is him talking. But not all are like that no?

I just realized that music makes me happy. I never thought I was a music person. But music does make me happy. I love the sound you know. Silence can be sometimes so uncomfortable. I like silence too , when I am too happy to want external influences or with someone very special say my husband, my child, Sriram….i love the bonding that silence can bring then…but when I am not in that much of a high spirit, music please anytime,……

Talking about Sriram, I love the little guy to bits and love the way he adores me. Even my own son doesn’t adore me that way. Kutti Sriram will look at me and say “vidya chthi kannu azhagaa irukku”.I would hold his hands and walk with him and he would lean and kiss my hands, suddenly and say “Vithya Chithi rumba pidikkum” . I love the expressiveness. We all exhibit our affection to kids… why cant we continue demonstrating our affection.
Sriram has started playschool BTW.

My own kutti Sanjay it well past the 6 months mark. Time flies by …. Sometimes when I think back I get tears of joy. When I look at little baby like Sanju, I wonder how innocent they are and think how there couldn’t be a better representation of God other than Children. As far as Sanju is concerned, He is moving around on the floor and tries to grab everything and put it in his mouth.

I now go to work in my bike. Yes my own bike, bought with my own hard earned money. I am yet to get that used to driving in traffic but it is ok…
SO there you go…updates from me.


Vinesh said...

if we could retain exactly the same openness in expression even as we grow into adults!

congratulations on your bike :)

monu said...

very difficult but to maintain the same openness, right?