Friday, October 24, 2008

Motherhood Realisations

I am learning a lot of lessons today. I am breaking my old mindset. I am throwing away some of the cliches that i have so much made a part of mythought process.
Today i learnt that excelling at work and being committed to work doesnt make anyone a bad mother. I had presumed that HR head who has just had a baby but spends considerable time in office must have stopped feeding her baby. Turns out that she expresses in office and sends the milk home for her baby, while me pretending to be the committed mother and running home from work as soon as possible, never made an effort to find out if there would be a place suitable for expressing in office and just gave up myeffort to express milk. I broke my cliche number 1.

I am learning that you can have a bit of both worlds. I am learning that it is OK to not want to lose your salary or your leave as long as you can push yourself that little bit further.

Everyday is a new day as a mommy

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