Saturday, October 18, 2008

Milestones,birth story and all..

I have been real busy. Its hard to find time to blog at all. I have to squeeze the little time. No i am not super busy but lazy. My life moves around in slow motion, so i am left with little time. The little did catch the dreaded cold and ended up gaining no weight the whole of last month. And now, i have mild cold and my little fellow has contracted it from me andis coughing.

There is so much to say but so little time basically because blogs are blocked in office...hope everyone gets it..the only place where i am free is office.

MY little fellow is six months old and is moving around on the floor. Time flies by. And Sriram has started play school already..

I wanted to put down the birth-of-my-son story here before i forget it, but it is a long story and i need some time for it. Lets just say it wasn't particularly pleasant. We tried all day for normal delivery but ended up with C-Section at 6:30 PM. I remember the moment i set my eyes on my child. Just after they pulled him out, the doctor removed my eye pad and showed me my son. I didnt try to see if it was a boy or just didnt matter to me. Even before they could show me the baby, i heard the baby's first cry. The emotions i felt at that time cant be put down in words...and then when they showed him to didn bother me whether it was a he/ was letting that moment sink in, i saw him crying and saw the uncut umblical cord start at his belly button and go down to the table where i lay...and then i began to cry for joy ...i must cried a good 15 word can do that feeling justice...a baby was something i wanted all my life and here he was....

Time rushed away and here i am , mother to my little fellow at six s been a journey of joy, tears,guilt, fear and an amalgam of emotions, but me and Sanju paapa are progressing along fine ...

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