Friday, January 02, 2009

Random thoughts

Strangers, till then…

We were strangers till then
Despite having known each other
For very many years

We were stranger till then
Despite meeting every day
And talking very much

We were strangers till then
Though no one who saw us
Would say so

And then it happened
A common grief, a common loss
And opened up the lovely little heart in you,
Through your words
We were strangers till then….

On what could have been

When she was small,
When her nascent brain
Didn’t have adult conditioning…

She was an artist
Who would draw out her story

She was an actor
In every day play

She was a singer,
Of popular songs, shouting through the roof

She was a story teller
Passing of fantasies for real life experiences….

She was a dreamer
Looking at bejeweled night sky…

She was a bunch of possibilities
Today, she is a designation….

PS: I love to write....good or not..theres no stopping me. I really wanted to get back my scribbling and came up with these two. Not very impressive, but well, i have made a beginnign again and i really want to keep writing more and more..

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