Monday, January 07, 2008

Random Scribbles

Loving the Different

Looking at the iron rod,
and the ever stretchable elastic,
it is so easy to conclude,
the iron rod is stronger...

But deeper thought will tell you,
it takes great amount of self-confidence,
to bend,change, adapt and accept things,
those that are beyond one's own norm

PS: there are a few people I really admire..and way up among them are people who are so confident about themself, that they can embrace something different...not all of us have that confidence


I have a scene in my mind,
a rather beautiful scene,
that the thought of it,
fills my mind with colours
of happiness and brightness....

But I don't have the brush,
to put it on paper

PS: One could have a hundres thoughts, but of what use are they without the tools to express them, where one primary tool i could think of is "words"

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