Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pleasant memories from Pregnancy

1. Watching the two pink lines appear in the home pregnancy test kit along with my husband and congratulating each other….
2. Sharing the news with my MIL who put on her specs to get a clear look.
3. My MIL not allowing me to lift even the smallest amount of weight since the first day of my missed period till this day.
4. Sharing the news with friends and my friends buying me a temptations chocolate, something I really like.
5. My husband buying me Saffron once I completed the first trimester.
6. Being told that I am getting fatter and responding that I am not fat, but pregnant to people at office
7. The changes that are so many
8. Feeling the baby movements for the first time ever
9. Sharing the baby movements with another person and the other person feeling it too.
10. Seeing the baby picture from ultrasound , I saw the image as early as 8 weeks.
11. Seeing the baby’s teeny-weeny heart beating in the ultrasound and hearing from the radiologist that the baby’s good
12. Being offered sweets and savories by lots of people. Even today a colleague gave me home-made karasev. My sister made kanji-maavu for me, My FIL bought a variety of nuts for me. I have been advised to eat them since my hemoglobin levels are a little low now. Little acts where people do things for me without me asking them.
13. Being offered seats in bus/train etc. Being dropped at my door-step by the van driver and so on….
14. Laughing wildly and feeling the baby move very well, so well that I could feel it from the outside and wondering what the baby is doing inside.
15. My sis telling me I look pretty pregnant, though not all are that sweet...some tell me that i am too huge for my stage. Just today one guy had to walk upto me and tell me that husband looks better than me...what sort of a comparison is that???? anyways, i am happy...pregnancy is a wonderful excuse to get fat

I have tried to list as many as I can . I might have missed so many for these six plus months have been peppered with so many pleasant incidents. It has been good. I am in the last trimester now, I am not feeling tired or anything. I had gained 4 kgs in the 5th month and then I kept going on walks and managed not to gain the sixth month, lets see what the seventh month holds….


Risha said...

Hey Monu , I m really glad that it has been a breeze for you until now.My prayers and wishes are with you.Take care ...

Fathima said...

Wonderful Monu! Its real weird to call by some other name(U and Reetu make me do that!)

just mad said...

my prayers and wishes for you :)