Monday, July 30, 2007

Updates from me

What is bliss?Being paid salary to be in training
whats even greater bliss? training getting cancelled
whats still greater bliss? Not having any other work...
gives me a lot of time to use free internet!

Updates from has been one month being the mrs.
Life does change a bit. but it is nice..on days when i have nothing else to do, i think back about the little changes and smile.
while i prepare the night's milk for family, i think back on the days before marriage when i used to come home and slump on the bed and my mom would give me a glass of warm i do that for the others...Do i miss mom? i certainly do...but being in the same city helps, i visit them when i want

Sriram fell sick with dysentry. I felt really bad and began to write "Sri Rama Jayam". He was hospitalised for three days.That got us all worried. he is fine now though he has lost a lot of weight. He has just about begun to call me "Chithi", and that is music to my ears.

I read a lot of blogs while i was away from blogging and am waiting to get my hands on HP-7. I heard the story from a friend, so am ok with the wait....

And despite blogging for 2+ years , i realise that i am still a "Pen and Paper" person, that i can pour out my emotions mmore easily on paper than i can with the key - board.....
I still don't listen when someone teaches and drift away into my own world and begin my notebook scribbles.. and just keep writing...and smile at the end of it all

May be that's why i reallly don't express all that well here on the blog....while my note books still spill out with my scribbles....

Anyways, this blog is never to be shut down, thats for sure


Jayan said...

Congratulations on your wedding!! This is a post that I guess most married ones can relate to :). The feeling of something having changed overnight (or 3 in your case :)) affects both the guy and the girl.

monu said...

hmmm...didnt quite think it would affect the guys