Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Me the Mrs.

Thanks for the wishes people!!

I got married on June 28th. Time flew by. I took a total of three weeks off, of which I spent around two weeks idling away at mom’s house before marriage. And the D day was there.

A lot of friends called and gave me tips. Smile away. Have fun and so on. I am not used to attention though I do enjoy it and being the bride brings in a a lot of attention. Was I nervous?
Sort of…..

I spent a lot of time talking to friends and that helped me not be a nervous wreck!

The D day, I packed. Had all my things ready and we were there in the mandapam.
Things went well and real smooth. I was a bit nervous for the reception but for the wedding I began to have fun and enjoy the moment..

And with my wedding experience,I obviously have some tips.So all you would be brides, if and when you land here in my page, good foretune awaits, for you will have all the teeny-weeny tips that you always wanted to hear…

So here goes.

Not only does madhuri Dixit look good when she smiles but every girl does look beautiful when she smiles. Don’t be nervous, just be natural and smile from your heart. That ensures that all your pictures come out well, and that you will indeed look like a million bucks!!

2. I don’t care.
Wedding is the time when some people may chose to be mean and say somethings they shouldn’t be saying, like this relative of mine who walked up to me and said that the groom looks younger than me(He is just six months older than me, being classmates doesn’t help). That did put me off a bit till I decided to think back.” I don’t care”. Don’t pay heed to anything negative and have fun. It is your D day after all

3. Be yourself
There will be people telling do this and that. Like me now…but I am talking from experience girls!!!! And you are free to not take it. But coming to point, people will hurry you because you need to be there in the auspicious time and all that. So when they hurried me and I rushed out like PT Usha from the bride’s room to the mandap, one of the ladies walked up to me and said, “Walk like a bride, not like a marathon runner”

So don’t let others dictate you. Be yourself, else you would be one nervous wreck!! Have fun..enjoy your self…that’s more important

Never under estimate the importance of planning. Plan everything right down to the footwear. And have everything packed. I packed my things myself so that I don’t have to wait for my mom to come and take my sarees, accessories out and give me. She may be busy and may not be able to assist me. I tied up my bangles neatly and arranged them in the order I would need to wear them. I put labels on all the bags I packed , so that if I cant take my own things and someone needs to bring them to me, I can guide them and they can find out through the labels.

It’s OK if you have forgotten some things. It’s Ok if some thing doesn’t work right. It’s Ok if things don’t go as you planned. Have fun!!! This day will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Fill it up with loads of smiles, so when you turn back, it will make you smile again.

5. Live in the MOMENT
Not just on your wedding day but all days, but if not possible, most certainly o the wedding day. Savour every moment and live in that moment. It is indeed a beautiful experience.

6. First day in a new house:
You will definitely miss your parents. you can call them and talk so they don't feel lonely either. I was nervous and scared to do anything on the first day at my in-law's house. this despite the fact that i know my husband for good 5-6 years and his parents well too. Take it easy, and settle down. you can always ask around and learn the ways of the house. A little of of love towards all the members of the new house doesn't hurt either is beautiful to have a few more relations...beleive me

So then we went to munnar and alleppey. Kerala is indeed God’s own country. I leave you with some pictures that we took on a borrowed digi cam (Hint to some friends…..:))

That's me in alleppey beach resort. It was a traditional style house.

That's the lake in Munnar. It was a beautiful sight. we hired a car for a day . and the Driver spoke tamil and it was good fun. he explained a lot of things to us.

That's the endangered mountain goat for you....

That's the boat house. It is so peacful and calm. I suggest this to everyone.The food available in the boat-house is traditional kerala style food. i had a great meal and also got the best tea ever in the boat house!


Loga said...

Congrats and best wishes for ur happy married life :-)

Jeevan said...

Congratulations dear:) Wish you a many more Happy and beautiful married life. Glad u enjoys your marriage and thanks for sharing. Very nice pics… Let the happiness with you always :)

reetu said...

They are indeed Good Tips.. & Nice Snaps..G*

Except the Tips looks very far for me...
One cares for Tiny things like this., Only if one can be 100% Sure of that Person with whom he/she is standing in stage indeed Mr/Ms.Right ..
In ur Case., you have Chosen.
So these things Look Big & Noticeable for you :)
Ofcourse Itz Important in any case., But to give Detailed Thought for all..

Abishek Goda said...


Didn't know you were on blogger! Ok, not that I know everyone out here.

Those pics have come out well. Actually, but for them I would have remained wondering who was the "monu" in my class!!

monu said...


thank you so much for your lovelye wishes!

but these days the engagement period is long and girls really do get to know the guy, don't they?
atleast thats what i thought....

welcome to my blog...BTW how did u figure our from the pics and how did you land her??
So much for anonimity!!!!
I have visited your blog though before you landed here...more of a the silent lurker!

Abishek Goda said...

Oh.. I should've known. Actually I was googling to see if "sallu" or "ullu" figured anywhere. Jobless - tell me about it. One result left me in a comment with the sambharmafia blog. It said classmates and the name was monu. I didn't know many females in my class, but I began fearing if I was deaf to their names too.. ;-)

In one pic, you stand there saying "That's me". But for it, i wouldn't know. Maybe i would have shot a mail to find out who my class "monu" was!

So much for a comment.

Known Stranger said...

love those places though i havent been there yet have arranged a couple of honey moon trips to my friends over those waters in boat house. they all come to be me saying how amazing it was. yet i am to visit that place and rejoice in those tranquile environment.