Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Random things from the day...

Observation for the day:
There is a certain way in which passion lights up a person’s eyes, when he or she is doing something they really really like to do. It is sort of inspiring and leaves me to wonder
what would light up my eyes in a similar way!

Murphy’s Law for the day:
It stops raining and shines like summer the day after you have bought an expensive raincoat for your husband, validating the popular belief on your decisioning skills!

My Feeling for the day:
There are days, I feel so happy that I want to pinch myself and make sure that I am not dreaming and stretch out my arms and hold on tight to my feeling so it just stays on. There are days, I feel; so happy that I have tiny little tears peeking out of my eyes and slipping right back in as I really don’t want to cry in public. There are days I am so happy, that I stand before the temple, any temple, and say my heartfelt huge thanks to God, peering in from the road. There are days, I feel so happy when I introspect, contemplate, look back, years back and cannot think of any negative memories….

These days seem so magical that it seems to be the pleasant soft breeze of some exotic location rather than the heat of Chennai……and even when I do come back to reality when the sun shines on me, I smile to know that clothes will be all dry and crispy when I reach home

Is it my salary being credited yesterday? Not my first salary, then why the euphoria?
Is it my MIL’s fabulous cooking that I devour?
Is it being able to fit in comfortably and chat with MIL like a friend?
Is it my BIL taking the broken umbrella so I could take the better one?
Is it waking up to see the face of the one I really love?
Is it hearing my sis’s happy voice tell me happy tales? Or my mother’s voice tell me tales of Sriram while I hear my father talk loudly in the background to say aa-am , to make sriram eat…

Somedays I wonder what comes inside me that makes me smile…I want to say touch wood, in fear of losing it…

Anyways, I read a quote yesterday whoch made a lot of sense to me..
“He is the happiest, be he king or peasant,
Who finds peace in his house”

So goes my rambling for the day….

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