Monday, January 08, 2007

Sweet Temptations

Its not often that I tempt others,
And you in particular,
But I have always seen it in your eyes,
That look of longing,
Oh! The way your eyes glisten,
It’s so obvious that you are tempted,
Yet you put on the mask of restraint….
Restraint,meant for the world’s eyes.
And Who can know the mask better than me,
Me, who used it all too often, earlier,
Only now , to give in to temptation,
Anytime and everytime…..
And reach heaven each time I do

And so I tempt you to heaven,
And hand over the piece of Kaju sweet,
That I had carefully split into two,
And urge you to eat it…
And smile as I see a reflection,
Of my own satisfied smile,
As I chew on my favourite piece of sweet!


Jeevan said...

Good one dear! my todays post also has sweet in the title:)

expertdabbler said...

cha cha i did not eat it for sure:(

I'm just wondering who did :)

>>my favourite piece of sweet

its enough if u jus say yr favorite, mithadhu ellam nanga fill pannipom :))

monu said...

will check it out!

i can seriuosly share

Known Stranger said...

wow -- i loved the way you penned it. it maked the reader to imagine some thing and when you come to climax with a kaju sweet - how can you stop the reader to have a smile and say - cha how dirty the thoughts were ?

Zara said...

You write very well.