Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Short Story - 7

Ammani asks here and i reply here....

She was born in 1940. The second of five children born to Vedaranyam Seshadri and Rajalakshmi ammal. She passed away after a brief illness in November 2006.

How will Jagada be remembered?

It is a strange question to ask,for Jagada was no trend setter nor was she a path breaking evolutionary.She was never in news, In fact there wasn’t even an ad placed in the obituary column when she passed away.

She was just the ordinary woman, the ones you can find in every household. She was married off when she was 12. She had a dozen kids of whom a few died. She took it all in her stride, be it her husband’s luck with Shankar Café that he started, or her first born son’s spending ways which led to closing of the café.

She raised all her children, with patience, great patience, and a special love for the girls.
Weel, she even raised her grand children, all 12 of them that her oldest daughter had.

During her hay days, she had a lovely silky flowing jet hair.Well, she started graying just a few years back.

She could make wonderful Poli, that her husband devoured. He had a special love for food, and she was an amazing cook.

Well..well… So were these the things that were rememberd about her?
Actually , her daughter – in – law heaved a sigh of relief and remembered, how difficult it was to clean the bed pan.


divyasurendiran said...

WOW! Wonderful, Monu! It was so unexpected.... and nachchunnu irundhadhu!

Jeevan said...

Dear you make it will!!

WISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A HAPPY PONGALO PONGAL:) special wishes to your little Sriram.

Usha said...

short & sweet..this is brilliant

Vinesh said...

Very nice!

Sometimes, it is better for old people to die than be a pale shadow of what they once were.

Malvika said...

wow. seems she was a very strong woman.

monu said...


yep..but we have to be old to understand what they would be thinking..may be they are scared of death..God knows!!

Thanks a ton


thanks divya