Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Morning Optimism

hmmm...i sigh
i am so hopelessly addicted.
i just can't get out of it.

Nothing serious...just my penchant for reading inspirational stuff.
there are a hundred and one things like that , whcih land in my, not spam, but the ones i have actually subscribed...

There's chicken soup for the soul.
And then there's daily inspirationsl message and what not?
what would i do without them..i wonder

everyday , i start with a spring in my step.
the waking moment is filled with a silent prayer of thanks to god and a request to make the day a good one. and i have full faith in that silly prayer. I am smiling away , getting ready to work. Sometimes i make my own lunch to take to office, other times i eat office food...anyways, whether my mornings work as per my plan or not, i am still smiling, such is the optimism that morning fuses into me.

Mornings are also the time, when i can stand in front of my wardrobe and wonder what to wear. this is the time, i reinforce the thought of being thankful for whatever little one has.
I am still smiling, mind i think of what to wear and ponder over the unpredictable....

Somedays it woudl be the saree, somedays it would that salwar kameez i hadn't worn for a very long time, or some days, it would that new earring i had recently purchased..certainly not the earring alone, i woudl chose a dress to go along with it.....and i would be ready to leave, FM radio and all...

i would walk to the bus stop smiling , saying a prayer to the Amman who is on the way and peeping to get a glace of what new Alangaram the Pillayar has today.

I listen to songs in my earphones and wonder at how music is created. I smile and think i am in heaven when i get a direct bus with a place to sit, else, no i dont crib, i take the ever helpful share auto. i am crshed and am holding on to the bar as the auto traverses many ups and downs, and still am smiling...

Somedays i pamper myself and take an auto. Somedays i get off at the signal and reduce the distance i have to walk...Somedays, i find the tender-coconut vender and down one, somedays wel, i take one and half an houe to travel, yet i smile...

Ahh, the wonder of morning optimism..

And then i enter office. ........
And thats when i need my daily dose of inspiration

Sometimes as deadlines near, my optimism runs out and thats when i need my daily dose of inspiration.....

Anyways it works for not the person to stop looking at life's little wonders just because some worries press me...sometimes when i am almost tempted to be mean and bad and angry so i can transfer my worries on others, i read that heart warming story that chicken soup sent and my optimism returns..

Sometimes when i think about it, i feel i am living an entire year in a day. Like each year we start with a freshness, with new found zeal, which slowly wanes...and sometimes improves too...finally , before we know it , the end of the year has approached and we are filled with a new found zeal for the new year.

My days are like that. Mornign filled with optimism, changing moods as the day progresses, and when i am on my way home from work, a feeling of relief, and the smile returns...i eat good food, watch some tv and have the most peaceful sleep ever...

anyways, i am supposed to be doing work to meet my deadline, that is slowly crawling up to me...but i felt like writing this...
It's my blog after all


Sachin R K said...

Wow !! Wish I could be so nonchalant.

Note to myself: Must subscribe to the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' mailer first thing tomorrow.

Jeevan said...

Wish you the Morning Optimism (not only in morning) should continue throughout your life. keep smiling dear monu:)

good write up!

prabukarthik said...

Gud one! :)

but i think u'll be the same even without 'Chicken soup for the soul'

Keshi said...

Always good to have optimistic mornings :)


monu said...

yep..attitudes, that too ine morning can make or break a day!

thats nice to hear. I can be pretty nasty my parents too well know!

Thanks friend!

@sachin r k
am always not like that..

Chakra said...

hi... first time here though i hav seen your name in the comment's section of PK's blog. You do have a good blog here.

Chicken Soup for the Soul - i used to get it so many yrs back... it was indeed inspiring, but at times, I used to feel a sense of artificiality (forgive my english) attached to it. What say you?

Known Stranger said...

I HAVE SOMETHING TO LEARN FROM YOU esp the morning optimism