Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The bravest of men, that I’ve ever seen

He is the bravest of men,
That I have ever seen

He has a way of taking care of me,
Just when I need,
Without ever taking away,
my independence.

He has a way of winning me,
With his reasoning,
Which any amount of force,
Might never do.

He has a sensibility,
Which the world wrongly believes,
That only a woman can have,
To understand another….
He understands me..

No, he was never a super-achiever,
He had his own fears,
His own insecurities,
Not the perfect brave man.

Yet, in his underlying hope,
In his understanding of everyone,
His empathy for all,
A simple sense of achievement,
Love for whatever he did,
And his understanding nature,
His inability to hate,
I found him the bravest…

And so they say,
I am Daddy’s favourite!

Friendly foes.

You and I, you know,
We don’t get along.
Something between us,
Or is it someone,
We both equally care for?


Tears run down my cheeks,
Following the path well trodden.

But now, it’s different,
I don’t cry in sorrow.

I cry for Joy,
For I find support from dark corners,
Ones, I didn’t know, existed.


reetuashwin said...

I did really Admire 'Friendly foes' ..

sree said...

I really liked 'Dad's favourite'...the same goes for Grandpa's girl too..rt? But there is a diff...while Dad's love acts with some logic and responsibility..Grandpa's is blind!!!

geetha said...

hey cool poems... kinda moved by it...

Jeevan said...

I guess it right when u said bravest of men I've ever seen it must be ur dad. Lovely dear!!

I liked our relation one Friendly foes:)

Nithyanandan said...

I was watching you throughout that session. You're bit different and you deserve more than what you thought of. Critics are awake to disturb your sleep. I wish you to sleep well. Do whatever you like, as nothing can be redone. Of course nothing can be undone, be true to yourself and your dad. He also deserve more than what you what you thought of!

Anonymous said...

Your article is very informative and helped me further.

Thanks, David

vatsan said...

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smiley said...

No, he was never a super-achiever,
He had his own fears,
His own insecurities,
Not the perfect brave man

reminded me of my dad...

Jeevan said...

Happy Valentine's Day Friend:)

Archana said...

Thanks for the welcome message... i'm really touched!

The bravest of men, that I’ve ever seen -> isn't that what every girl feels about her dad. I simply admire the way u write.

i'm still all smiles Gayu :)

Archana said...

Hey, i mistook dat IP2Location stuff.. anyway, that is still a nice welcome message :)

Sene said...

Nice poems. Liked them.

Monu Joy said...

what a surprise...i had just given search with my name to see if other bloggers existed with the same name...and what do u know,i ran into urs...nice blog...liked the friendly foes and morning optimism posting was one i could relate to a lot.

monu said...

ok Lazy me, finally ddecides to move my lazy fingers and type out responses

@monu joy
monu was my cat's name. i decided to use that for blogging
am gald to find another blogger with the same name


thanks archu
i saw it in anotehr blog and thought it would be a nice personal welcome message

am replying a little too late.
thanks anyways and hope u had fun too


neenga first member aaga ready-a?




tell me abt grandpas
absolutely adorable
mine made amazing masala dosais and instilled the love of food and sweets in me

thanks reetu

monu said...
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Known Stranger said...

THE UNEXPECTED was very luid. i enjoyed that