Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scribble, quote and announcement


When they all told me,
That all stars predicted,
That I would be miserable with you

Immediately, I thought to myself
I would rather be miserable with you
Than be happy with someone else

And smiled to myself
At the sudden revelation
of how much I cared for you!

Quote for the day
I read this quote in a mail and absolutely loved it.

The deeper that sorrow caves into you,
The more joy you can hold
- Kahlil Gibran

PS: Been away from my dear blog for way too long,
But I guess I shall continue to post from now on.

And I have a little good news to share with you , yes, you and you ,
The two of you kind enough to still read my blog.

I got enagaged on March 8th and am getting married on june 28th
I wanted to post some pics of my mehndi, but the pics didn’t come out clear at all


Sree's Views said...

Hello Monu..
Congratulations !!!
Saw PK's comment and came here to wish you :)
Good Luck..moonu maasam paint the town red :P

monu said...


Cipher said...

Hi congrats...I am a frequent visitor of your blog...Its really simple and nice.I've been very modest in not commenting to any of ur posts..iam taking this chance to convey my wishes to you....
BTW...iam not from Ahmedabad...(ur ip2 location says so...:-)

monu said...

hey cipher
thanks for visiting my blog adn the wishes
so that ip2location doesnt work huh?
lest see, if too many people (considering that this is my blog, that number shoud be 5) report the same, will remove it

reetuashwin said...

>>Good Luck..moonu maasam paint the town red :P

--> Sree.,Thatz whatz shez Doing here.. U got it Absolutely right!

Thatz a Nice poem.. Gayu
i think many ppl feel the same..

monu said...

thanks reetu
so am i painting the place red?

nice to know that otehrs feel that way too

Anonymous said...

Hey monu,
Congrats on your engagement...
Always been reading your posts...your stories on ammani's I ask you write were all really good....
Once again congrats and have a wonderful time...


monu said...

hi Swap
thanks for the encouragement on the short stories
made me feel real nice
u have a good time too

Known Stranger said...

congradulations. - i would recommend you to watch a movie " the march of penginues" along with your hubby. it is worth to watch together - it will help in understanding from the life of pengunis what is family ?

expertdabbler said...

sollave illa? :D
painting the town red?
i dont have problems but dont let anybody paint in your face :D
(just kidding... rombo feelings aagadhey!)

Jeevan said...

wow... that's really a wonderful news dear friend:) Wish you the best!!

smiley said...

Marriage is like pi - natural, irrational, and very important. - Lisa Hoffman

Wish you a happy married life... pathinarum petru sugamaga vazhga :)