Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bus Tales

The music

It was strange,
As to how,
That jarring noise,
From the rickety old engine,
In the bus she was traveling,
Suddenly became music to her ears,
When the bus began to move,
After spending a good one hour at the signal,
Waiting for the VIP to pass by…..

The Message

He didn’t believe that Gods can send out messages,
Till the bus he usually takes,
Took him past the temple of Lord Ganesha,
Standing proudly in the street corner,
And at that very moment,
He changed channel in his Fm player,
To listen to the Song,
“Wherever you go, whatever you do,
I’ll be right here waiting for you”
He began his conversations with Ganesha, then on…….


Prabu Karthik said...

1st one was good:)

Jeevan said...

Nice dear:) It's been a while i have traveled in the Bus; so no chance to experience the sound.

The Message one was good!

Anonymous said...

"The music" is very true and I relived many a moment..