Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rant list to begin 2007

I have work but am bored...every year once i feel this way, like here. And when i am real bored,
my usual past-time is to bore other people by saying things they have no interest in hearing, and when that option runs out, i blog.....

Anyways, when i am real bored , i come out with list , and here goes my latest list

Jobs i would rather be doing than the current one:

(i) Teaching: It would be a proper 8 to 5 Job. I would scream some subject for some time and i can go dead lines, no impossible code to write, no worrying about making peanuts when all those who started out with you are making fortunes!!! and i like children too..

(ii)Writing : I have no skill for this , but then nor i am sooper code writer...that says enough, i suppose.. :p

(iii)HR : I dont know what HR people do, but i know that they don't write code, and that is enough knowledge for me. They also get to interview people, and decide who gets the job, and come up with policies and all, or so i think, and i might find that there goes.... Also i never see HR working beyond 8 hours on a daily basis.

(iv)Mehendi Person: I do some decent Mehendi , not good enough to earn me an income, but am mighty jealous of the Mehendi - person who gets to scribble all she wants on the bride and her family and make a nice sum Rs.300+ per pair of hands!!! I have always like scribbling stuff , i call art, just like i scribble lines that i call poetry.....

(v)Heiress: That way i don't have to worry about doing work and making money, for i will plain inherit the money....... *wicked grin*

Hah! there goes my inane i feel so much better!!!


Venki said...

nice page u hav.. template looks more lyk mine.. good list actually u hav mentioned!!

Jeevan said...

Mehendi person!! good job;)

Its nice to know u had fine time on New Year with Friend and watching TV:)

monu said...

I checked out ur blog too.
reminds me of the days when i had just joined work.
now i am a veteran of 2+ years

Seriouslu, i would like to do that..i try on my mom's hands!

Prabu Karthik said...

2+years laam veteran a ??

**me's speeachless!!!**

smiley said...

(i) Teaching: 8-5 job!!! ask the teachers(responsible ones) and u will know the headache they have. but i'll accept it is a noble profession :)

(ii)Writing : i am sooper code writer...u should start writing some programs of ur own and market it on the net :)

(iii)HR : I envy these guys too...

(iv)Mehendi Person:

(v)Heiress: if u r not one... than see what ABBA have sung...
In my dreams I have a plan
If I got me a wealthy man
I wouldnt have to work at all, Id fool around and have a ball...

the best, go do something new in software and become a Bill Gates...

that would be 1% royalty of ur earnings... for the idea :)