Thursday, October 12, 2006


One of those lovely mornings , breezy winds, birds chirping in your ear, a new day at stake, full of possibilities……She woke up and decided to take a small stroll just outside her house.

And what did she see there? A lonely Raven, the black crow, or “Andan Kaakka”. And Suddenly she remembered out of no where what she had heard long back when she was really a small girl-
“One for Sorrow, Two for joy”

Uh oh, She thought, Would it be a bad day for me…….. One for Sorrow, was echoing in her mind.

And then the idea struck her. She just looked at the Crow twice…

“Two for Joy!!!!” , She said to herself and walked away…....


Jeevan said...

It crosed a month u post!! Good one monu:)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. I was thinking about my next post and coincidentally I had decided on "the raven"!!

That was a nice trick :)

Anonymous said...

This doen't look like "OPTIMISM" . I would rather call it "FEAR" being disguised with a better looking word .

The stupid logic always filters out the beauty of life which is a lot illogical .


Vinesh said...

sweet story!

smiley said...

i don't know how u tend to look at the positive things when all people consider it as a bad omen...
very inspiring and encouraging too :)

karthik said...

Seri...yaru antha kena Ponnu

Queen said...

I agree with the anonymous's comment Monu. She could have gone away with the first look itself, Life is a proportion of good and bad days. Taking both in a balanced manner is what optimism means to me.

Schrodingers cat said...

I would have waited for the sorrow a.k.a andan kaka to fly away rather than making assumptions. It will, seeing me walk towards it.

Something kinda related to the post and which I have been wanting to find out for a while now...what does andan kaka kondai kaari mean?



monu said...

Lets say i am pretending to be busy..


may be fear..though i didnt think of it like that..


thanks smiley..

naan illai..

we have out own way to deal with these things i guess ..omen and all.... yep, what you say makes a lot of sense though...

hmmm..again, to each, his own..

is it a simple way of saying jet-black hair???
but pls-pls dont ask me abt the other lines