Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Goof up # 3: The everyday tiny Miracle

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Today morning, just like every other day morning, I left home real late. I did do some cooking (pavakkai pittlai came out decent) and then completed reading the book that I was reading.

I make maximum use of the flexi-timings concept….i reach office not before 11 in the afternoon..

So there was traveling in the bus…and then the share auto, straining to see in the hot sun and reaching office finally.

It is a ritual of mine, to stand near the entrance and fumble in my bag for my access card to swipe and get in. I always fumble for good ten minutes before I find my card from the mess that is my hand bag.

But only this time it was taking longer for me…I searched and I searched but to no avail. I thought may be I had left it at home and so, I took the visitor’s pass and got in.

I called home and my parents searched and couldn’t find it…I did wonder a bit as to where I would have dropped it …and I left it at that.

The day went on as usual. In the afternoon, one of my colleagues asked me to accompany her to a shop. I had already showed her the route once, So was feeling a bit lazy to go again, plus the hot sun…..So I was thinking about how I can escape without having to accompany her. I had some work to be done, I had come late and there was this team outing for which I had to leave at 4.30 PM…and so I was thinking when this voice from the little corner of my heart told me,
“Whats there in half-an-hour?Why don’t you go with her?”

And so I went with my colleague. And guess what happens, the security guy in office calls me and hands over my supposedly – lost access card…YAY!!!!

But where did he get it from???

“Did you come in auto today?” He asked me..

I did a little mental rewind and realized that I had indeed come in share-auto….”Yes” , I told him.

“You are very lucky, somebody came and gave the access card just one hour back….”
I couldn’t believe my luck..

I could have dropped my access-card in the auto….i didn’t know how I managed to drop it though…..must have fumbled through my handbag for cell-phone or something…and ended up dropping the card..

Anyways, I got the card and was awed that there are still sweet people there who bother enough to read things like …
“If found please return to…”


And that's my everyday tiny miracle for you.....


Tanushree said...

hey, great luck...
hope every single day of urs be fill with miracles...
have a great day...

Jayan said...

Given the rush in our daily lives, even a small gesture seems like a great example!!

Jeevan said...

Your card is lucky! Even there are some responce citizens in our country like the Auto man.

Wish u a HAPPY DIWALI Monu:) Enjoy dear.

Queen said...

You wont believe, once i got my lost purse back after 1 month and the best part is, the things in that were not even shifted places. I got everything back including money after A MONTH.

Ganesh said...

A very happy diwali to you monu

Prabu Karthik said...

good the suspense got over in a day!!

i've noticed u leaving the access card and the cellphone in our office dining table after lunch while washing yr hands:)

appo ellam nenaipen, what if she forgets?? but u dont seem to forget..

a person like me wud've missed that all the time...

so what u shud be wondering is how the heck did it fall down in the auto!

Anonymous said...

Guess what i lost the bookmark to your blog and all the sudden remembered the blog yesterday...
And i suppose Id cards are the easiest things to return back :) and yes.. a miracle none the less.

I guess girls carry a part of themselves in that hand bag:)

How are u doin?