Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So what was Krishnaswami thinking when he said yes to her?

Ammani's post here to which i put in the following in comments
Take 1:
I Really must learn the art of Saying “NO”

Take 2:
I can’t say yes.. I really really can’t say “yes”..I mean, this is all I have…my 25 rupees. No,that is not all I earn, Ofcourse, I make more money…yep, if only a little more, I still do make a little more money than that. But 25 Rupees is all I allow myself to spend per day.

You might wonder why? Or even consider me a miser..Call it whatever…Guess what, even I wonder sometimes why I wouldn’t let myself spend more on myself per day…ofcourse things have changes a lot since I started earning…I don’t have to take that white board bus anymore for the Rs.2 ticket, I can take the express bus once in a while and pay Rs.4…..and once a month, I can take an auto too….things really have improved……

But still I held onto money like it was my second life…it wouldn’t be my first life..u know what I mean? Anyways, money was precious to me….i would actually spend less if I lived somewhere close to my workplace like say 15 Kms distance..But that was not to be…So with a heavy heart I allotted myself, Rs.25 per day for me….

And there I was traveling by train when the girl walked in, selling remote covers.Was she really blind, I didn’t know…but she was holding one of those sticks..i had assumed on the first look that she must one of the many beggers, who sing those songs, very much off-key….but she wasn’t ..she was selling TV remote covers….

I was hoping she would walk by me.But she stopped and began to sell the covers.

“Will somebody buy one..please…” She was almost pleading…

I can’t say yes, I really can’t..for it would upset my budget..i had budgeted my expenses such that I would have rs.5 as savings per day..If I buy that one, it would spoil it all….but she wouldn’t budge, neither would her pleas stop…

And finally, doing many mental calculations, I decided to buy the cover..probably, it would be a meal for her..who knows…..”Yes..get me one”, I heard myself say.

And so I bought……and walked to my single-room home,without a television.

PS: Hope u all had a great Diwali..i had a rocking one..have fun

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Sojourner said...

nice story.
Good to know u had a fun diwali :)

I changed my name to avoid confusion... I got tired of telling that iris is the iris of an eye and not a girl's name :)
Sojourner fits me too.. i thought.

Thanks for the comment:)

Take care.