Thursday, September 07, 2006


I carried around a weight in my heart,
So heavy that it made me low sometimes…..
Even if I really wanted to smile.

It was a weight that was accumulating with time,
It was getting heavier, the longer I carried it around.
But still I carried it around, till one day…
The heaviness in my heart weighed me down,
And I couldn’t breathe…..

And so I made a decision,
A random one, not thought out deeply,
Just random, a situational one,
To drop that heaviness
And throw it far away from my heart.

And when I did that,
A breath of fresh air hit me,
It was such a wonderful whiff of freshness……
The world smiled at me,
With the smile of a toothless child,
In beautiful innocence……
And I smiled at myself….
And everyone else………

And from that day onwards,
I do not carry around hatred in my heart.
I realized how easy it was to forgive……..


Jeevan said...

Even it made me smile. Sweet post:)

Iris said...

as some one said... dont ask how to let go.. Just let go :)..

See... this is why i like to read your blog.. simple truths. easy thoughts. very nice.

Prabu Karthik said...

hm. so true.

but honestly i do struggle to let it go!

nullity said...

true PK

it requires lot of struggle

Schrodingers cat said...

good post


harry said...

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RandomThoughts said...

Perfect words! To describe a feeling so beautiful!

You have a way with words!


Jayan said...

Try revenge .. it is even better :)

Known Stranger said...

you attained holiness is what i would say. just kidding.. you are sweet

Sanjiv said...

Lol.. u shouldn't put out stuff like

"With the smile of a toothless child"...

That can set folks with pretty vivid imaginations into uncontrollable fits of laughter..

Prabhu said...

Good one :-)

Enna maasathuku oru post thaana ?

Queen said...

A real nice one. Its good to see in words,what i felt sometime back in my life. Keep going. You like tamil kavithais, please leave your comments abt the ones in my blog.

Shionge said...

May you find strength and stay positive always :D