Thursday, September 07, 2006

Strangers In darkness

We were strangers in darkness.
Unable to see each other,
And not really know if we knew each other…

Yet suddenly you tell me of your pain.
I know not , why you do,
For we are but strangers in darkness.

But your pain strikes a chord in my heart,
For I have been there and done that.
And so I begin to tell you,
About how I got over it.

I can’t see you,
But can sense that you are smiling,
And are already better…..

I am happy,
For once, when I was in pain,
An angel came by,
Wiped my tear,
And told me that everything will be alright…

And who knows?
You might be that angel…..
My own stranger in darkness…


Jeevan said...

very kind to hear her pain! Nice poem monu.

Iris said...

may be when we listen or tell.. we realize that we are giving pain its undue worth.. the other person is just our own thought sink.. where sadness gets drained..

nullity said...

excellent post

strangs said...

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Known Stranger said...

best of the written words. i admire you