Monday, June 26, 2006

A War with myself

Dear friend,
now that i see you grieve,
i dare not to walk upto you,
and tell you,
that you brought it on yourslef.

And so i smile,
and talk to you,
like it was no fault of yours,
and like you were always right..

I know you trust my words to be true,
this moment, as they make way through my mouth,
my heart knows otherwise.....

But dear friend,
i know not to hurt you,
i know not to confuse you..
You say you have made your mind,
i know not to sway you....anyway, any other way!!

My conscience is fighting with me,
but your smile at my words is speaking back to it...

As you swim against your own tides,
i know not whom else to ask,
if i am right or not!!


Jeevan said...

Wish u to win in your War:) nice one monu.

MY VIEWS said...

nice lines....
all the best of luck ...

Anonymous said...

right or wrong ??
That matters not.

A friend often needs not an adviser...
just a sympathizer,some one to acknowledge the grief...
some times not even a sympathizer, just a listener...
or some one to pretending to listen...
or just a stone to talk at... whisper at...pray at...

So you see, U are doing exceptionally well when u "understand" the other person.
:). Whatever you do after that cant be wrong.It is only equally right as the other alternative.

Jeevan said...

Monu u have been tagged!

Anonymous said...

There is no winner in a war with yourself or may be it is war where u cant lose.

Sriram said...

they say "truth hurts", for a reason.

V N said...

and the most memorable ones are the wars that u fought and lost..


Prabu Karthik said...

supera ezhudhirkey!!

smiley said...

good friends :)

Arun Mani said...

hi gaya,

i could see that you are ur blog is slowly dying... i am a regular reader of you blog... and was inert without commenting... but now... whats wrong..? veetula kalyaanam pesuraangala...?

get back and let us know whats happening


monu said...

thats kinda sweet of you..i have been busy at work.
i was working weekends, staying late ..things like that , so really didnt blog that much...

and then i took a vacation...

but shall keep posting, thanks for your support!!



failure can be sweet regards to wars that r lost!!!


typical "iris" response!!

shall put it up next

that was a very sweet response, and u r very right in whatever u said..

and it was very supportive too

@my views
:) and thanks!


Arun Mani said...

nice that u r back. :)

Anonymous said...

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Known Stranger said...

after going through your posts - now i am wonderign why you mentioned this to my post

"you make me wish i wrote like u!"

you are far far greater to inspire many like me amatures

Anonymous said...

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