Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Silent Message

I try to drown my sorrow,
in the depth of your eyes,
that are smiling at me.....

And then i know,
that you are a little wonder...

And you seem to tell me,
in your own silent ways,
that in the grander scheme of things,
there can be no such thing as sorrow...

PS: Will reply to comments as soon as i can, been busy at work!
Am putting this post just to prevent a slow death for my blog


Anonymous said...

My MY! Once upon a time u used to post once a day..I had a hard time keeping up.

I dont think blogging can be killed... May be it kind of has a half life phenomenon... it just becomes slower and slower ;).....

Jeevan said...

sorrow or happy can found in eyes. post at least one poem a week dear:)

smiley said...

thanks for tagging me and i finally caught up with it on my site.

Anonymous said...

Monu ,

Nice to hear that you are busy with work . Once you are back after this cycle then you could get a lot of things to write about from that experience .

- B

monu said...


i shall check it out

i shall try to

i think i am getting there.........slower and slower

Anonymous said...

For once i hate that i may be right :(
Please dont slow down any further (just try not to:)

Yours is a unique blog. Not one post has been boring to me. I know that you dont write for the readers and it is just heart speak.
I just hope that monu keeps speaking.
In some ways I take this is a model blog... Honest and sweet. Would hate to miss it.

But,dont force yourself too much to write. That wont be a good thing. I think you already believe in that.

Just felt that i should say as much.
[ I pray that you will not have the critical mass for half life phenomenon to continue:) ]

Known Stranger said...

I drown in your sorrows
with mine in depth
of the seduction
your eyes smile with

Your eyes speak not
yet in silence
eloquently hiding
your sorrow indicating me
there can be no such thing as sorrow

when I a litter wonder
beside you

Anonymous said...

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