Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tag about me...

Jeevan Tagged me.

am thinking about ------ a very sweet comment for the last post! :)
i said ------- nothing, i am smiling
i want ------- everyone to be happy
i miss ------- afternoon nap!
i hear ------- clitter clatter sounds of keys being banged on thier heads!!
i wonder ------- about how i can be so lazy and how beautiful life could be..
i regret ------- nothing, life is beautiful...i would really not like to hurt anyone... that would cause regret
i am ----------- myself!!!
i dance ---------- when nobody's watching ofcourse!!
i sing ----------- to my nephew Sriram!!!
i cry ------------ very rarely.... i try to see the silver lining whereever i can...
oh, but i cry on watching senti movies...
i make with hands --------- whatever it be, it would be with care and from my heart
i write -------- right from my heart!!
i confuse --------- a lot of stuff, when i start thinking too hard!!!
i need --------- My faith in all things good, i call that God
i should ---------- definitely become a better person
i start ---------- a lot of things
i finish ---------- some of them ;)

anyone interested (which refers to the miniscule population reading my blog ) can take it up!


Jeevan said...

Nice tag, its form your heart. thanks for doing my tags, what song are u sing to Sriram now?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what song? :)
Short and sweet tag. good one.

Prabhu said...

You work for an IT company and you miss the afternoon naps? Weird :)

Arun Mani said...

yen ne yaarukum theriyaama dance aadura...? floor damage aarathu yaarukum theriya koodaathuna...? hope u r not dancing at home then...! :)

smiley said...

i start ---------- a lot of things
i finish ---------- some of them ;)

very true about me too :)

Rebound said...

i start...
i finish...

hmm.. i read the two lines simultaneously as

i fart...

Vinesh said...

Thiruvilayadal in Englipese? :-)

Loga said...

Interesting one!!!

V N said...

We share the laziness wonder!
I lazily wonder for hours how I cud be so lazy!!

monu said...

i sing movie songs to sriram

any random song, sriram doesnt mind if i sing off key also, so anythign would do

and yes, he does sleep, listening to my lullaby!

what to do??

@arun mani
because even i dont want to se how i lok when i dance

glad to find someone like me

too bad



"laziness wonder", nice way to put it!!!

Known Stranger said...

oh just before coming to you page was doing this in some ones blog page.