Wednesday, May 10, 2006



She was the simple one,
The one who was completely in terms,
With god’s blessings in the name of looks..

But strangely enough,
you saw her wearing lipstick…
and it was red as red could come.

Well, you are good friends,
And hence you probe……
“I am concealing a cut”, she whispers..
One tight slap it was………..

You didn’t notice him wearing a skull cap,
And that too all of a sudden, did you?
She giggles…….


Run-over in the middle of the road
Gory sight of red flesh
- Poor Watermelon!!!!

Writer’s block
That nagging worry about the most loved,
And that patch up with the good friend, after a bad fight..
Left her in just the right balance between extremes..
And so they say , that day, she had nothing to say!!!

An extended friendship

God must be telling the little one,
Some very sweet things indeed….
For he smiles so beautifully even in his sleep!!!!!

One Love

I am so totally in love with him,
As I have never been in my life!!!!
I cant resist the urge to hold him..
I keep visualizing his handsome face, every minute….
I heave a heavy sigh, when I think of him….

The little one doesn’t know all this,
As he peacefully sleeps!!!

The one Medicine.

It heals , it really does…she looks at me with doubt showing in her eyes. “You want proof?” I ask her. She smiles her naughty smile as if to challenge me. I take her hands in mine and lead her….

We travel just a little distance, when I show her the first proof…Wails of the little one,Wails so loud that you would wonder if the little one could indeed give rise to it. What must be bothering the little kid? And then the mother cuddles him up, and gently kisses him on the forehead. Her fingers hold him, go into rocking mode and the little wails immediately subside…

Would she still not believe me when I say that it heals?

I take her a little further away to the abode of God, a small temple. I show her a couple. The young girl there is lighting a lamp. I can sense that they are there for a request from God.
I can sense an urgency in her eyes and in her prayer. She is still lighting the lamp while the guy looks on.

Uh OH! The last flame from the matchstick just brushed alongside her fingers. It must have hurt. She continues to pray though. I can see that the young man saw that little tear.

The prayers done, the young couple walk out of the temple. I see him holding her hand and placing a peck on that hurt finger. There is still that lone tear on her cheek while her lips break into a grin!

And then I turn to my companion and ask her, “Do you still need proof?”

Love heals!!!It really does….

A comparison

It is a newly started business venture
You have to put in a lot of capital,
But cant expect immediate returns…

It is like that garden,
Which the gardener would beautifully tend.
He would sow the seeds,
And take care of the soil,
And would wait and wait…..

Love is strange, I say!!!


Jeevan said...

beautiful poem. realy beauty lies in the born baby's smile, i love that.

a comparison is very nice:)

how is you sister's baby?

monu said...

hi jeevan
sis's kid is doing fine.

Ilaiy said...

Really amazing ..


Rebound said...

Mebbe u should pressurize ur HR to give u maternal-aunt leave..:D

Anonymous said...

I think u are going thru some "first of a kind" experiences since sriram was born. :)... Have a lovely time with chukkutu;)..
Babies can do that to u.. sometimes a babe(no offence..just for the sake of rhyme;) can also do that to a guy.
I second that idea by rebound for "becoming an aunt" leave:)

BTW, i tried rhyming poetry... It reminded someone of "TR" of all people:( - its a disaster :)
I am planning to switch to writing monuisms:)

smiley said...

God must be telling the little one,
Some very sweet things indeed….
For he smiles so beautifully even in his sleep!!!!!

when he is awake he must be having too much anbu thollai from mom, dad, pattis, chittis....

so when he sleeps he does has some free time so that God can speak to him.

good poem

Jaya Chithra said...

hey so nice of u writin a poem bout sis's baby... lovely...

monu said...

@jaya chitra

u r right.
i am number 1 on his torturer list!!

hmm...whatever, i cant take my eys off sriram....
u continue to wirte anything u care about in is your blog afterall..thats what i do here...i removed the stat counter becoz i didnt want tat to influence me....
so i dont stop writing some stuff just so more people are not reading my blog...atleast i read my own blog..

i worked on weekends sanju!!


Rebound said...


Hey nice one about writing coz u wanna.
Even I don't care about who reads my blog anymore. I just write for the sake of getting stuff outta my head..

'n working on weekends.. ? ? What's this world coming to?

Anonymous said...

If i wrote for others, i should have quit blogging a long time ago ;).

I was just trying something and wanted to share the outcome with you because, in one of your earlier posts I asked you "aren't poems supposed to rhyme;)"...

Anonymous said...

"But cant expect immediate returns… "

I have a slightly different opinion here .

"Love is one where you don't even expect returns."

You can always "fall in love" but can never love a person.

"And would wait and wait….."

I like this particular line a lot .

I believe "love is other form of endless wait" . When you enjoy waiting it simply means you are in love.

nice lines Monu :-)


Prabhu said...

Wow, beautiful lines.
I think these are lines straight out of heart :)

The watermelon poem resembled the ones that appear in kumudam last page. Good job.
Ore loves pathi ezhuthi thalli irukeenga?

monu said...

i like that spirit iris!

Thank you!
Guess you dont expect returns?
but i am just a mortal, i havent yet learnt to love unconditionally!
wat say?

Thank u!
chumma...thought these over a few days and wroe them down at once when i found the time.....

Anonymous said...


Someday you will .
but i am just a mortal, i havent yet learnt to love unconditionally!

:-) But thats an lame excuse for not willing to learn something new.

You don't grow when you do what you know the best rather you grow by learning new possibilites of life .

Thats why we celebrate the Motherhood and hold it above everything else .

If you think you are yet to see unconditional love in your life just go and see your mother .


Known Stranger said...

i cant resists me reading your posts. one after anoher. hope this is not the last one.