Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday when i went home and saw that little Sriram was awake, i took him in my lap and tried my hand at lullaby and patted sriram. And when i had done that for a good 10 minutes, Sriram finally slept!!!

My oh MY! Was i happy......

MY sis who was watching me , told me that i would make a good mother.
And spontaneously i heard myself say,
"All mothers are good mothers!!!!!"

Happy mother's day to all you wonderful women out there....


Jeevan said...

What Sriram is tell?

Happy Mothers Day to your mom and sis.

monu said...

hi jeevan
happy mother's to ur mom too!
Sriram is fine...

Rebound said...

Your nephew is lucky to have almost two moms !

Anonymous said...

Happy mothers' day!
Lucky sriram. or should i say lucky u... :) ??

Prabhu said...

Wow! Sooper, reminded me of the time when I put my niece to sleep.

Good job done :)
Happy mother's day to you as well :)

monu said...

i am not sure if my nephew shares teh thought

and i think it is lucky me!!!!

i did check out the snap of ur niece sleeping on ur shoulder..
congrats on that

Known Stranger said...

sisters kid hmm always nephew and neice are the best pal to every one. they are cute latest youngest member of the family. I alwasy felt jealous of my neice. because she stole the status of me the youngest.

the jealous fight still continues even after 10 years. i want to take bath before her, i want the milk before she has, i want to eat first before her,
i want to see the cartoon channel of my choice. i want to be first given anything .. ehiehei
its fun right to have a neice and nephew.