Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to my blog and me!

Yesterday was my birthday!
I am used to simple birthdays where my parents and a few friends wish me.
Why? Because my birthday being during the holidays, i didnt get to go to
school wearing color dress and all....

Yesterday i came to office and saw a cute "happy birthday" thingy hanging
from the ceiling right above my seat..i felt like there was a halo over my head!!

And i got a gift from the entire team , a jewel was beautiful..

Little things like these make such a difference to your day...

I felt real nice....

And i also co-incidentally noticed that i have been blogging for a year now. My first blog post was on may 13th, 2005....

I have totally cherished this experience. Not having net connection at home
does affect my blogging and blog-hopping and maybe the readership of this blog..But i try my best to carry on blogging for i totally love it

I beleive that anything that comes directly from a person's heart is the best..anything , it can be...

Why is that? For the heart can never lie..that is why i decided to call my blog
"From my heart..."
My blog would contain my simple observations, it would be a platform for me
to express my passion to scribble anything that touches me even remotely...
My blog would help me get back somedays later and read that stupid poem(if i may call it one),i wrote and also the responses....

I have always wanted to school and college notebooks would be filled with these scribbles that i call poems..for every situation, be it happiness, be it sadness, be it to ask my friend sorry or even to express faith, there used
o be a poem.... I like to share these things i scribble....
and blog is the best means

I was extremely happy to see one blog where one of my poems was reproduced and someone had written that it made them smile...I like it when i can make anyone smile..


I had a stat counter sometime back, but then i removed it when i changed the template for my blog because i didnt want that to influence my writing....i feel
i write best when it is from my heart, and i shall i continue to do that!

I try to write positive stuff in my blog, i dont mind if the poems are repetitive or mushy, for i truly beleive that life is all means beautiful....

I want to thank you all for supporing me..your comments encourage me to go on..
I also apologize for delays in responses to comments..people, i dont have a working comp at home...someday i shall get it but till then, i shall try my best...

Thank you!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

belated happy birthday!! hope u have a wonderful year ahead

smiley said...

Happy birthday :)

Ilaiy said...

Wish you a Happy B'day .. Have fun ..


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and many more happy returns, to u and the you that is your blog:)

Anonymous said...

A Little white flower looks like jasmine but not jasmine

A box of Cadbury's Celebrations

A red balloon

"Happy Birthday Monu"


Schrodingers cat said...

Hey heightu...belated birthday wishes

Kaps said...

happy blog birthday

Jeevan said...

Happy Birthday dear Friend. i love all your poems, i have also tried to write poem after seeing your blog. Congrats:)

Prabhu said...

Heartful birthday wishes.
Blog kum happy bday :)

Prabhu said...

Heartful birthday wishes.
Blog kum happy bday :)

Jeevan said...

Monu you have been Tagged!

Loga said...

belated birthday wishes

Prabu Karthik said...

Oh dear, how i wish i'd been to yr blog sooner than this:(
my belated b'day wishes!!!
many many happy returns of the day
and keep blogging for ever:)

monu said...

now i know hoe often u check my blog
anyways, thanks!

thanks loga!

Thanks for telling me that u like my is a huge encouragement..i am sure you would write great ones too..i am eager to read ur poems and would put up the tag post as soon as i can!!!

Thank u! Thank u!

Thank u!

thanks manoj!

monu said...

Thank u!
I never got to see those though, i got a beautiful red jewel box from colleagues here and other gifts from friends!!

Thanks for the birthday wish from my blog and me!!

Thank u

thanks a ton

thank u...

Anonymous said...


I wish i had known where you are to send them .

I know you just through your blog thats why i put them there . Hope you pick them up .



Known Stranger said...

birthday so you are born on may 15th.. hmm may .. hmmmm

birthday - do I have one. I forgot mine where i remember every friend of mine but i forget mine.

Known Stranger said...

birthday so you are born on may 15th.. hmm may .. hmmmm

birthday - do I have one. I forgot mine where i remember every friend of mine but i forget mine.